Union Youth Football Association

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Union Youth Football Association (UYFA) offers a great opportunity for students 3rd thru 7th grade to experience and learn the game of tackle football. And as a member of UYFA you'll have the opportunity to lean fundamentals football skills, make new friends, and more importantly having fun being part of team! 


Additionally, you'll be competing against teams in and around the Tulsa Metropolitan area including Jenks, Broken Arrow, Owasso, and Claremore just to name a few. With all those teams working toward the post season Indian Nations Football Conference (INFC) Championships, it's sure to be an exciting season! Who knows...it could be your team that's broadcasted live via the annual INFC Championships hosted by COX Cable.

The 2016 season is just around the corner, so work hard, have fun, be safe, and as always have a great season...we'll see ya on the field!

UYFA 3rd - 7th Grade Football

UYFA 3rd Grade Representative

JT Taylor

[email protected]



2018 3rd Grade Teams & Head Coaches


3rd Grade Union Red

Head Coach:  Marcus Kelley - (918-706-3539)

[email protected]


3rd Grade Union Silver

Mark Farquhar   - (918-289-8916)

[email protected]

UYFA 4th Grade Representative

Ian Wilhelm

[email protected]



2018 4th Grade Teams & Head Coaches


4th Grade Union Black

Head Coach:  Anthony Payne - (918-261-0849)

[email protected]

4th Grade Union Silver

Head Coach: JT Taylor - (918-728-1276)

[email protected]

4th Grade Union Red 

Head Coach: Scott Pevehouse - (918-900-4297)

[email protected]

UYFA 5th Grade Representative

Angela Fritz



2018 5th Grade Teams & Head Coaches


5th Grade Union Black

Head Coach:  Samuel Harper - (918-508-3686)

[email protected]


5th Grade Union Red 

Head Coach:  Grant Wood - (918-284-2914)

[email protected]


5th Grade Union Silver

Head Coach: Greg Koch - (918-633-5125)

[email protected]

UYFA 6th Grade Representative

Mark Farquhar  

[email protected]



2018 6th Grade Teams & Head Coaches


6th Grade Union Red

Head Coach:  Jose Gonzalez (918-906-2398)

[email protected]


6th Grade Union Silver

Head Coach:  Keith Haney  (918-260-6565)

[email protected]

6th Grade Union Black 

Head Coach: Kevin Martin (918-519-6272)

[email protected]

UYFA 7th Grade Representative

Kevin Martin 

[email protected]



2018 7th Grade Teams and Head Coaches


7th Grade Union Red

Head Coach:  Jimmie Scyffore (918-340-9604)

[email protected]


7th Grade Union Silver

Head Coach:  Brian Duncan - (918-902-2505)

[email protected]