Union Youth Football Association

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Q.  What is the cost for Football and Spirit sign-ups for 2015

A.  1st & 2nd grade Football and Spirit (Mighty Mites) $150.00

     3rd - 7th grade Football and Spirit $150.00

     $175.00 after 7/5/2019

Q.  Does the UYFA give refunds?

A.  NO refunds - 

Q.  What items should I purchase for my child to play football?

A.  Certified Helmet , shoulder pads, hip pads, knee pads, thigh pads, practice uniform, mouthpiece, cleats and optional             athletic support.

Q.  How do I know what team my child is on?

A.  Once the teams are formed, in late July, the head coach will contact you with team information including practice times         and location.

Q.  Am I responsible for purchasing my child's uniform?

A.  Yes,  UYFA has contracted the 2019 uniforms with Midwest Sporting Goods & Gorfam Athletics.  Spirit uniforms will be ordered through Midwest at a group discount.  Football uniforms will be ordered through Gorfam athletics at a group discount.  Price specifications coming soon.

Q.  What is a combine?

A.  The combine is an opportunity for coaches to view all the children that will be participating in the draft for the                         upcoming season.  The kids will need to wear shorts, t-shirt, and cleats for the combine as they will be participating in         a few agility drills.

Q.  Who needs to participate in the combine?

A.  All new football players that have not already been protected to a team.

A.  Any player returning to the draft.

Q.  Where will my child practice?

A.  Every team practices at different times and locations.  Your head coach for cheer or football will contact you and let you       know the specifics of where and when practice will be held.

Q.  Are pets allowed at the games?

A.  No, Union Public School does not allow animals at any of their facilities.

We know you have questions, so send it via email to the most appropriate party, or leave us a message. Either way we'll start compiling a list of your most frequently asked questions and post them right here in hopes of helping other FAQers in the future.