Union Youth Football Association

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2021 UYFA 3rd thru 7th Grade Rules & Regulations

The Union Youth football Association follows the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Rules and Regualtions Please take a few minutes and visit the INFC webiste to familiarize yourself with the complete INFC Rules & Regulations for the 2021 season. The following Rules & Regulation pertaining to game play were taken from the INFC Rules & Regulations website for your convenience:

Practices: Times will be determined annually by a majority vote. For the 2021 fall season, organized practice or conditioning will not begin until August 4th, 2021. Practices will be limited to a maximum of four per week (pads or otherwise), lasting a maximum of two hours from the scheduled start time per practice. Third and fourth grade teams are permitted to practice four (4) days a week only until school starts, after which only three (3) practices per week is allowed. All non-scheduled INFC games or scrimmages will be counted as practice periods with the exception of two organized scrimmages with another organization prior to the first scheduled game.

Length of Games: Eight minute quarters will be utilized for all conference play games.

Mercy Rule: At which time a team reaches the 35-point spread, the score will freeze but the game will continue as normal with regular clock. No further points will be allowed on the scoreboard by either team. Normal participation rules must be followed prior to the freeze.

Kick-Offs: Players on the kicking team must be equally spaced across the entire field starting within 5 yards of the sideline for safety purposes.

Scoring PAT: A successful kick will equal 2 points; a successful run or pass will equal 1 point.

Half Time Procedure: (Half time is 10 minutes; 15 minutes maximum if necessary) Guest cheerleaders and/or drill team will perform first, followed by the home cheerleaders and/or drill team. Cheerleaders, drill teams, etc. are the responsibility of the member organization and are subject to all rules as set forth by INFC.

Press Box Procedure: Rude remarks, bad behavior or biased announcing will not be permitted at an INFC game. If a Commission officer is in attendance at a game and determines that a violation of this rule exists and/or the clock person is not maintaining accurate precision, he/she may immediately remove that person from their duties for the remainder of the game. The Commission will then meet to determine if further action is necessary. The penalty can be up to a lifetime suspension from entering any press box during an INFC function. No children will be used as announcers.

Gate Admission Fee: The admission fee will be reviewed annually by the Conference. The following uniform rates will be charged by all clubs/ associations:

Adults: $4.00 
Students (6-18): $2.00 
Seniors 65>: $2.00 
Children 5<: FREE

Radios: The use of two-way radios will be permitted by coaches in the press box, on the field of play or on the sidelines (between the 25 yard lines). Players are not allowed to use radios or any other electronic equipment.

Video Cameras: The filming of games by parents or coaches will be allowed at any INFC sanctioned game.

Weight Limits:

The following weight limits will be utilized for all INFC games. # = pounds

Players within the specified weight ranges of one or two stripes will have their helmets marked accordingly.

All weigh-ins will be done on a hospital type scale, balanced at weigh-in. Players exceeding the maximum weight in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades prior to the start of each game will not be allowed to play. Illegal participation by a player will result in a fifteen-yard penalty. The Commissioner will impose further penalties to the coach and/ or team if it is determined that the player/players were used illegally in order to change the outcome of the game. Weight limits are set by INFC for safety and must be strictly adhered. No exceptions will be allowed or tolerated.

Weigh-In Procedure:

1. Teams will meet 30 minutes prior to schedule game time for weigh-in with helmet in hand. Those teams who are not at the weigh in station 30 minutes before their game will lose an opportunity to choose which side of the ball they wish to start both halves. The team that was there on time will have their choice of which side of the ball they wish to start on both halves of the game. 

a. Coaches must be shown a zero balance.

b. If scales are broken of unavailable for weigh-in, a Commission Officer must be contacted immediately. The Commission Officer will determine the process depending on the situation.

2. Coaches will exchange rosters and make notations as to players who are on disciplinary action and those who are not in attendance. These exceptions will be listed on the roster throughout the entire season. The Commission can ask for the rosters at any time and they MUST be made available.

3. The home team must furnish and use a balance type hospital scale prior to each team weigh-in. Appropriate fingernail length will be checked at weigh-in.

4. The maximum weight will be set at each players particular weight class. The player weighing must be at equal or less than specified weight limit. If the bar touches the top, the player will be required to play up to the next weight class. Coaches will not be allowed to make any exceptions to players.

5. A player will be allowed to weigh-in two (2) times with the second to be done within five minutes of the first weigh-in.

6. Players who are late for the weigh-in (not in attendance by the completion of both teams weighing in) must and will be weighed in prior to the start of the game and will be penalized by not being allowed in the game until the start of the second quarter. Players not in attendance five minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game will not be allowed to play until the start of the third quarter and must be weighed in during half time or before.

7. A player who is discovered to have been allowed to participate in a game without being weighed or has not met the penalty requirements as set forth in Rule #6, will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game. The Commission will penalize the coach responsible.

8. A team found guilty by the INFC Commission of breaking any of the rules, as set forth in the adopted weigh-in procedures will be subject to the forfeiture of the game in question and/or suspension or fining of a coach/coaches.

Again, for a more complete listing of the INFC Rules & Regulations, please visit the Rules & Regulations portion of the INFC website.